I could not do what I do today without the help of quite a few people. All these people are incredibly important to me:


  • Mum and Dad
  • Sister Danielle- my personal assistant!
  • Groom- Charlotte Long
  • Event Groom/ Travelling Groom
  • Horse Dentist: Robert Ruddy
  • Blacksmith: Tom Pears
  • Horse Chiropractor: Tim Jarman
  • Horse Physiotherapist: Victoria Spalding
  • My Physiotherapist: Beth Sykes at Rural Rehabilitation
  • Vets: Hird and Partners, Oakham Veterinary Hospital
  • Owner and Trainer: Judy Bradwell
  • Trainer: Christopher Bartle at Yorkshire Riding Centre
  • My loyal springer spaniels Duke and Teddy who never leave my side

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